10 Passionate Food Bloggers You Should Know About


There are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of food blogs out there. Some people write them strictly to make money, promote their business and increase their bottom line. Others write them because it’s kind of popular to have a blog right now and some people use blogging as a creative outlet, to live their passion. Those last ones are my favorites !

The competition in the food blogging world is Fierce, the giants spend tons of money on search engine optimization to find out exactly what the majority of people are searching for, so that they can be the ones to deliver it to you. They might not even care at all about the subject and aren’t very good at it, but they will write about it because they know You want it.

Most of us food bloggers don’t have a budget for those kind of services, we have no way of getting in your mind, other than what you tell us in the comment section, e-mail and twitter.

Personally for me CiaoFlorentina.com is a creative outlet, my happy place where I really get to loose myself in my passion, and creating this journal has been a sweet escape that helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life (more about that at a later time ).

I am not a public figure or personality (even tough many people make that assumption, maybe b/c I’m kind of famous online… ) and most of my traffic comes from loyal visitors, friends and fans who type in my URL. Google sends me the next chunk of my traffic which I assume is good news but I haven’t spent a penny on search engine optimization, quite honestly writing a regular food blog could be kind of pricey: groceries, photography, time… it all ads up and in the end it really is a labor of love.

My reward, that I could never put a price tag on, is that there are people from all over the world that are connecting on my blog, get inspired, find passion and a sweet escape for themselves from the mundane.

So I decided to make this list with 10 Food Bloggers You Should Know About , some of them popular and some of them just living their passion in a little corner of the web, blogging their hearts out to inspire you and me.

If you know of a Passionate Food Blogger that is not mentioned here, please leave their website URL with a short description in the comment section below.

  • UPDATE: I know the title of this post says 10 but after the great response and recommendations from around the web, and after I realized that  Hey, It’s My Blog and I Can Edit If I want To, I decided to add one more blog to the list !  Not because of popularity or perfectly photo-shopped food images, but because of Passion, because her story touched my heart, and because we’ve all got a story, I know it will touch yours as well: Life Is Like A Cupcake! Take a bite !
10 Passionate Food Bloggers You Should Know About
  • Under The Tuscan Gun, actress Debi Mazar and her sexy Italian farmer husband are living the delicious life with passion and a great sense of humor. They now have a show called ” Extra Virgin ” on the Cooking Channel that is fresh and entertaining, not to mention Extra Delicious !
  • Steamy Kitchen Jaden Hair is a recipe developer and food photographer focusing on fresh and easy home cooked recipes. She also hosts all kinds of great foodie giveaways.
  • My Hungry Tum Eric Ackerson a chef who spent almost 2 decades in the food service is cooking his way around the globe, dishing deliciousness and history.
  • Miri LeighShe is a modern girl with a passion for eating and entertaining. She has a New TV Show scheduled to air sometime in 2011
  • A Chica Bakes Eliana bakes her heart out on this blog, you should definitely follow the chronicles of a Latin girl’s love affair with baking.
  • 101 CookbooksHeidi Swanson is an amazing photographer who created a very popular blog with vegetarian recipes she cooks from her bookshelf of probably more than 101 cookbooks.
  • Cream Puffs In Venice Ivonne is from a large Italian family and the reason I chose her blog was simply because I can feel the Passion ! oh and that she read one of my favorite books ” A Thousand Days In Venice ” by Marlena De Blasi
  • David LebovitzLiving the sweet life in Paris, everyone with a love for chocolate should keep an eye on what David is up to.
  • A Food Obsession Peter Francis Bataglia, a man obsessed with everything about food, check out his rustic Italian dishes, just the way I love them.
  • Matt Bitesa beautiful food blog filled with gorgeous photography taken by Matt Armendariz himself, great funny writing and even tough I haven’t received a reply yet to any of my comments and e-mails, I still think it is a great food blog you need to know about.

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