5 Reasons to Celebrate with Happy Hour


Life is beautiful and what makes it really great are the people in it that give us reasons to celebrate, be grateful and let loose ever once in awhile.
The news of your best friend getting married, a birthday, or a parent’s visit from overseas or simply a Friday night with your friends are all reasons to celebrate and be happy.   This week I found 5 really good reasons to celebrate with Happy Hour:

1.  Celebrate Your Health !  After a long day at the emergency room today with a terrible ear infection I realized I need to celebrate my health every day because without it you simply can’t enjoy your life.

2.  Celebrate Your Friendships !  Because nothing enriches our lives like good friends do and they need to be celebrated and treasured with hugs and martinis.

3.  Celebrate Love!  Because it really does make the world go around.

4.  Celebrate Yourself! Because you deserve it and you are worth it all.

5.  Celebrate Life! Because it’s beautiful, magical and goes by really fast, so enjoy every moment and leave nothing to chance.

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