Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


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Happy Sunday Kids! Please enjoy another recipe from mine and Fabio Viviani‘s soup project for the month of January ” We The Soup “

This is another simple and quick recipe you can make any day of the week, and since we’re expecting some rain tomorrow why not give this one a try.

I love tortilla soup but I never seem to be happy with it when i order it in a restaurant and if you’re anything like me you know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t already done so make sure to download your complimentary copy of  “We The Soup ” cookbook here and stay tuned for our February project that’s all about Meat.

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Chicken  Tortilla  Soup  Recipe
(Serves  4)


  • 4  c  Bertolli  Classico  olive  oil
  • 10  flour  tortillas
  • 1  lb.  roast  chicken -shredded
  • 1  tbsp.  dry  oregano
  • 28  oz.  can  diced  tomatoes
  • 1  green  bell  pepper -diced
  • 1  1⁄2  qt.  chicken  broth
  • The  juice  from  1⁄2  lime
  • 4  scallions  -sliced
  • 10  leaves  of  fresh  basil -chopped
  • 1  tsp.  ground  cumin
  • 1  tsp.  salt  +  more  to  taste
  • 3⁄4  c  Queso  Blanco  cheese -grated
  • 1  large  avocado -seeded  & diced
  • Cilantro  leaves  for  garnish
  • Sour  cream  for  serving


1. Heat  3  tbsp.  of  the  olive  oil  in  a  heavy  bottom  pot  and  sauté  the  onions   with  a  pinch  of  salt  until  translucent.    Add  the  tomatoes,  cumin,   oregano  and  broth  and  bring  to  a  gentle  simmer  and  cook  for  30   minutes.  Add  the  shredded  chicken  to  the  pot  and  cook  just  until   warmed  through,  a  few  minutes.  Remove  from  flame,  adjust   seasonings  and  stir  in  the  chopped  basil  and  lime  juice.

2. Meanwhile  heat  up  the  rest  of  the  oil  in  a  pot  over  high  heat.  Add  the tortilla  strips  and  fry  until  golden  brown.  Transfer  to  paper  towels  to   drain.

3. Ladle  the  soup  into  bowls,  top  with  a  few  tortilla  strips,  some  diced   avocado  and  a  dollop  of  sour  cream,  some  of  the  cheese  and  green   onions.    Garnish  with  a  cilantro  leaf.