Chow Ciao New Show Premiere with Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani

There are very few people I like as much as my friend Master Chef Fabio Viviani.  Maybe it is because I feel at home every time I watch him cook or hear him talk and make up new words for the English language like I’m already supposed to know what it means… ! Really Fabio ? lol

Maybe it is because he is so funny he can make me laugh by just being himself and throwing together a breakfast frittata like nobody’s business …?!

Who knows… ? Who Cares…? The man is addictive and so is his new show Chow-Ciao that premiered on Yahoo last week. Seriously you won’t even need to Tivo any other cooking shows anymore!
Just watch Fabio whip up simple, flavorful and comforting italian dishes in 15 minutes and you are going to wanna make everything !!!

You get a new episode every week which in my opinion is simply not enough but hey, you can always replay them until you have the recipe instilled in your brain as it should be and then Yahoo will realize that the world needs Fabio every day of the week and give us some more.
Until then this weeks menu consists of Frittata-The Perfect Italian Omelet and an Herbtastic –Fresh Herb Encrusted Halibut!

If your frittata never came out good before is simply because you didn’t know The Secret ” Frittatas are like children- you need patience and a wooden spoon “
Now be honest! Did you really know that ! 😉

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P.S.   For all of you who have been asking me for Fabio’s Perfect Italian Meatballs Recipe you can now see it in the little November Issue of the Ciao Florentina Magazine:  on page 16.  ENJOY !


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