Cooking with Actor Christopher Walken


photo credit: John Harrison

You have got to love this Academy Award-winning actor that appeared in over 100 movies but has more to say about food than acting.
His father had a bakery in Queens NY, where Christopher Walken and his brothers used to work as kids. He was the guy delivering cakes and responsible to put jelly in the doughnuts.
And just like that, Walken developed a passion for cooking.

He doesn’t like to go out much, but loves to cook and eat healthy food like fish and vegetables. And a man after my own heart, he also loves spaghetti. While shooting a movie he brings his own food that he makes in the hotel or apartment he stays at, that always has to have a kitchen.

And to break all of your foodies hearts, he Almost did a cooking show. Almost! But just like me, yes me, he wasn’t down with a scripted fabricated thing, so he passed on that. Instead he delighted us all with a real cooking video of Chicken with Pears. Now that’s what I call a Celebrity Chef and a show I would die to watch ! See for yourself and answer the question:

Would You Watch Christopher Walken’s Cooking Show ?

“The thing is, I’m not a great cook. But it doesn’t matter. Part of the thing about cooking shows is that it’s just interesting to see somebody do something. You almost can’t go wrong. If you watch one, and you time it, they do 18 minutes and the rest of it is breaks. So if you can keep people amused for 18 minutes, you’ve got a cooking show.” -Christopher Walken