Easy Lobster Bisque


photo credit: MihaMatei.com

It’s time for another recipe from the soup book this week. Something a little different and special, more of a treat for a special  night in, something like Lobster Bisque. It might sound a little fancy and complicated but we only do easy recipes so don’t be intimidated by the name and give it a try.

If you don’t have a taste for lobster just stay tuned for a flavorful Chicken Tortilla soup next week and get ready for a meaty month in February with steaks, roasts and stews for every night of the week.

There’s still plenty of butternut squash around and definitely the season for blood oranges, my favorite citrus fruit on Planet Earth, so If you are looking for something hearty this week you must try this Blood Orange Beef Stew with Butternut Squash.

Talk about comfort food!

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Easy  Lobster  Bisque Recipe
(Serves  4)


  • 5  tbsp.  butter
  • 5  tbsp.    All purpose  flour
  • 1  1⁄2  large  onions -diced
  • 1  celery  stalk -diced
  • 1  carrot -diced
  • 1  fennel  bulb -sliced
  • 1  bay  leaf
  • 1⁄2  tsp.  red  pepper  flakes
  • 28  oz.  can  dice  tomatoes
  • 7  thyme  sprigs
  • The  leaves  from  3  thyme  sprigs -chopped
  • 1  1⁄2  qt.  shellfish  stock -warm
  • 1  c  heavy  cream
  • 1  1⁄2  lb.  lobster  meat -cooked
  • 3  roma  tomatoes -diced
  • Sea Salt  to  taste


1. Heat  up  the  butter  in  a  large  heavy  bottom  stockpot.  Add  the  onions   and  red  pepper  flakes  and  sauté with  a  pinch  of  sea  salt  until   translucent.

2. Add  the  celery,  carrot  and  fennel  and  cook  5  more  minutes.  Sprinkle with  the  flower,  stir  and  cook  a  few  minutes  stirring  often.

3. Add  the  shellfish  stock  and  bring  to  a  simmer.  Add  the  canned   tomatoes,  bay  leaf  and  thyme  sprigs.  Cover  partially  with  a  lid  and  cook   for  20  minutes.  Stir  in  the  cream,  wait  for  the  soup  to  come  back  to  a   gentle  simmer  and  stir  in  the  lobster  meat.  Cook  for  a  couple  of  minutes   until  the  lobster  is  heated  through.

4. Remove  from  flame,  Discard  the  thyme  sprigs  and  bay  leaf  and  stir  in   the  fresh-­‐diced  tomatoes  minced  thyme.    Ladle  into  bowls  and  serve  hot   with  some  crackers.