Potato Varieties and How To cook Them


potatoe Varieties
Have you ever walked through a farmer’s market or grocery store and saw the many varieties of potatoes and all of a sudden got confused ? Or are you like me and always used to picking up whatever potatoes are on sale ? A potato is a potato is a potato, right? Not exactly, as you can’t really make french fries out of fingerlings, regardless of how cute they are.

So I decided to create a simple quick guide to the different potato varieties and how to cook them.

TIP: Whenever buying potatoes remember to choose the firm ones, free of discoloration, sprouts, rot and decay. Store them in a paper bag in a dry, dark place between 45″-50″ F.

Potato Varieties and How To Cook Them

Yukon Gold  Potatoes: Perfect for mashed potatoes and soups.

Russet Potatoes: Fantastic for baking whole and for making french fries.

Idaho Potatoes: They are really Russets from Idaho and they don’t turn brown after you peel them, so use them for french fries and baking.

Fingerling potatoes: They are perfect for roasting and they look like little fingers.

Waxy Potatoes: Great for gratins -they are red or white with smooth skins.

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