Refreshing Cucumber Mint Martini


It’s Sunday and time for another refreshing drink from Jacopo.   I can’t wait until he gets back from Miami so we can shoot a whole issue about cocktails and my favorites: Martinis !
I mean who doesn’t like a Martini on a nice sunny day, right ?!
And you know how cucumber and mint make for such a harmonious marriage so shake up this martini and enjoy your day !

Happy Sunday from Casa Florentina ! Ciao !

Cumber Mint Martini
By Jacopo Falleni

  • Small handful of diced cucumber
  • 6 mint leaves muddled with
  • 2 ct. of Apple Pucker
  • 2 ct. Sweet and sour
  • 5 ct. Well Gin
  • 3 ct. Pineapple Juice

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