7 Facts About Whole Cloves

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 Whole ClovesSpices and herbs, what would we do without them in our kitchens…? I would be lost no doubt, and that is why I like to always have a little bit of everything on hand, including fragrant whole cloves.

Just like a good Perfume, when it comes to spices a little bit goes a long way! Here are some cool interesting facts I’ve learned about whole Cloves- spice of the day:

7 Facts About Whole Cloves

1. Cloves are unopened sun dried flower buds of the tropical clove tree.

2. Tanzania, Zanzibar and Madagascar are the main exporters of cloves.

3. Cloves have a fruity hot taste with a warm aroma and undertones of camphor and pepper.

4. Cloves have an assertive, characteristic taste given by the essential oil eugenol, they go well with savory and sweet foods but must be used sparingly.

5. Store whole cloves for up to one year in an airtight container/jar out of direct sunlight. Ground cloves lose their flavor very fast.

6. Good quality whole cloves are reddish brown in color and will exude some oil when pressed with a fingernail.

7. Cloves are an essential ingredient in the Chinese five-spice powder.

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  1. “2. Tanzania, Zanzibar and Madagascar are the main exporters of cloves.”

    Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania in 1964. Zanzibar is a region of Tanzania.