Brunch Party – How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

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Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial 

Brunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

Happy Valentine’s and President’s Day weekend to everyone ! I hope you are having a relaxing time with your families, we had a little iced tea brunch party, because I swear it is summer in Southern California. 

Staying refreshed and dining al fresco is a thing for us Californians, and thanks to Lipton we had a really fun family brunch party. 

I’m really fond of green tea, and Lipton’s updated green teas have a light, fresh taste, bright clearer color and delightful aroma. Enjoy the uplifting and refreshing flavor in every sip of Lipton Green Teas over ice !

Brunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

Small little parties could be so much more enjoyable If you plan in advance so you can relax with your guests of course. So i wrote down a step by step brunch party tutorial to help a create a lovely brunch party that everyone will enjoy, including yourself: the party host ! 

Brunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial 

1. Find out how many guests will attend your brunch party. Ask them to rsvp – you mean business !

2. Choose at least 3 flavors of tea to brew. You just never know what everyone will love: fruity, black, green , so make sure to cover all your basis! 

3. Prepare one large pitcher of iced tea for every two people. 

4. Stock up on ice cubes ! Get twice as much as you think you might need! 

5. Get creative with the ice cubes : the day before your party make sure to brew some extra tea of the same kind you will be serving at the party. Make ice cubes out of it to keep your iced tea from dilution. Go for some fun ideas: sprinkle edible flowers in the ice cubes tray before freezing. Or add citrus slices like the blood oranges I added to mine.

Brunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party TutorialBrunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

6. Have some bite size pastry available to snack on ! Make some the night before, I made us this Blueberry Muffin Cake but you purchase them fresh from the bakery that morning if you don’t feel like baking. 

7. Use the tea packets as tags next to each iced tea pitcher, or mark your pitchers with a Sharpie ! 

8. Remember sweeteners ! Don’t go too crazy sweetening your iced tea.  Allow your guests to substitute with their favorite: honey, agave , sugar etc.

9. Brew your teas the night before so they get a nice chill overnight and you can relax with your guests at your brunch party the next day ! 

10. Make a chalkboard sign for your Iced Tea brunch bar station, or get creative with your favorite decor pieces ! Brunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party TutorialBrunch Party - How To Host an Iced Tea Brunch Party Tutorial

11. Make it pretty ! Sprinkle some rose petals around your brunch party station, especially If you are hosting this for your girlfriends. Girls love pretty stuff, beautiful flowers, petals in their ice cubes. Trust me, I know, I am one and my ice cubes are decorated at all times. 

I hope you got a little inspiration and you are planning to host your own garden brunch party soon ~ Florentina Xo’s 


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  1. Oh this is so cute Florentina, it has started heating up here in Northern California too, and we have definitely been enjoying our al fresco dining! Love the idea of having a little tea party – so fun

  2. Oh I LOVE this! Not only is my husband a huge iced tea fan, but we’re going to have a little girl who I can’t wait to host tea parties with! Will definitely use these tips for those summer time iced tea parties!! 😀

  3. This is such a cool idea! My grand daughters will love a summer tea party. Your idea for freezing fruits is genius! Cant wait for our weather to get warm like yours!

  4. It may be winter right now but I certainly long for ice tea days. The tea looks so very refreshing perfect for when the weather warms up. And I love the idea of your ice cubes — it works great with Sangria too — not tea but using fruit juice and NOT plain ice.

    1. Yes, I’ve done that one too, i’m obsessed with pretty ice cubes. I actually freeze all my orange juice in those huge gigantic molds and then vacuum seal them.

  5. What a brilliant idea! It gets SO hot in the summer here in the Middle East, and I think an iced tea brunch party is an amazing idea. The photography is beautiful too! Will be having an iced tea party soon 🙂