Chow Ciao New Show Premiere with Fabio Viviani

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Chow Ciao Fabio Viviani
Fabio Viviani

There are very few people I like as much as my friend Master Chef Fabio Viviani.  Maybe it is because I feel at home every time I watch him cook or hear him talk and make up new words for the English language like I’m already supposed to know what it means… ! Really Fabio ? lol

Maybe it is because he is so funny he can make me laugh by just being himself and throwing together a breakfast frittata like nobody’s business …?!

Who knows… ? Who Cares…? The man is addictive and so is his new show Chow-Ciao that premiered on Yahoo last week. Seriously you won’t even need to Tivo any other cooking shows anymore!
Just watch Fabio whip up simple, flavorful and comforting italian dishes in 15 minutes and you are going to wanna make everything !!!

You get a new episode every week which in my opinion is simply not enough but hey, you can always replay them until you have the recipe instilled in your brain as it should be and then Yahoo will realize that the world needs Fabio every day of the week and give us some more.
Until then this weeks menu consists of Frittata-The Perfect Italian Omelet and an Herbtastic –Fresh Herb Encrusted Halibut!

If your frittata never came out good before is simply because you didn’t know The Secret ” Frittatas are like children- you need patience and a wooden spoon “
Now be honest! Did you really know that ! 😉

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P.S.   For all of you who have been asking me for Fabio’s Perfect Italian Meatballs Recipe you can now see it in the little November Issue of the Ciao Florentina Magazine:  on page 16.  ENJOY !

Chow Ciao Florentina & Fabio

Here is a list of all the Chow Ciao recipes that I will try to keep up to date for you:

Chow Ciao Show Recipes

More from Chow-Ciao !


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  1. I accidently crossed fabio’s lasagna recipe was searching for one. I miss the food in my house. Is there a recipe book? Or how about a global down load of all the meals?
    I’m sure if one exists there is a cost. I thought I might ask!

  2. I don’t know if this is the correct website, but if it is…

    Ever since ciao chow started running on Yahoo Screen (or) Shine, I don’t get any audio. Is there any other website available where I can watch these videos?

    I used to watch these videos all the time, until I was stopped by whatever is going on with yahoo.

    Thank you

  3. Clicked a link on MyYahoo Homepage and found you and your recipes! Love it. Fabulous The trick here will be to find some of the special items for the recipes! Can’t wait to get started. Ready to make the Gooey Cinnamon Buns. Looking for the ingredients for, as my mom called it, Pasta Fazool.

  4. Fabio,

    Where the original Pissed off Prawns recipe? Going to a Senior PJ party
    tonite and the girls have all requested this app. Only the Tiger Prawn online and that’s not the one. They all liked the hot one where the heat comes out of your……..ears. Ciao Bambino

  5. Fabio, what cookwear are you using on your show? I love it. I want it. cooked your version of pasta fagioli. favoloso! w/b

  6. Without forcing the Italian side of his suggestions Fabio, broadens our food horizons in easy-to-make ideas. If you want people to follow you in the kitchen one must use the “noodle” (the brain ) to make it work. Faqbio surely does. Thanx

  7. how do I get the written recipes of Fabio’s Italian meat sauce, or any of the video recipes?

  8. He’s awesome! Funny, cute, talented! The website here asks me if I want to receive his recipes. How bout they just send me him instead! LOL!

  9. This guy needs more than the 5-10 mins they give him. YAHOO can we get a half hour or more of FABIO! First time I watched I was in the kitchen trying these things out he makes cooking fun again for me. MORE CHOW-CIAO!!!

  10. Tried the meatball recipe. My husband raves about it. I could never make sphagetti and meatballs until Fabio came along with the easiest and most tastiest recipe. I use to buy Italian cookbooks which made things too complicated, but Fabio breaks it down to simplicity. I think that’s the reason why his recipes are so delicious K.I.S.S.! This recipe is good enough for company. Thanks very much and I will be trying the slow cooked short ribs soon.

  11. The receipe for his perfect meatballs can be found by using the above link to the publication. I just wrote the whole thing down. Can’t wait to try it! Anyway, here’s the ingredients…
    1 lb gound beef (90/10)
    4 oz whole milk ricotta
    1 cup parm-reggiano-grated
    1 cup panko bread crumbs
    1 egg
    2 cloves of garlic-minced
    2 shallots-minced
    1 TBS x-tra virgin olive oil (for meat mixture)
    additional oil for hands for rolling the meatballs

    Would love to hear how it comes out for everyone!

  12. I also would love to have the meatball recipe. They look absolutely delicious and want to try to make them soon for my family. Thanks!!

  13. I watched the meatball recipe episode, but he doesn’t give any measurements for the ingredients he adds to the pound of beef. Can you give me the recipe?