Cold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed Juice

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Cold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed Juice    Cold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed Juice !

Happy Spring you guys, at least to those of you in Southern California, for us spring is in full swing with perfect weather for some cold pressed juicery. Have you seen all those gorgeous blooming trees ? Almost looks like summer actually. 

So we are all about the outdoors again: planting in the garden, walking and hiking, staying in shape as much as we possibly all can. Thanks to my dogs: Peluci, Tesla and Nala, I rarely skip a day of hiking through the neighborhood, surrounded by steep hills, it is all the workout I can handle nowadays. Trust me, it’s a workout !

We are all exhausted by the time we get back home, where luckily for me, there are a few different varieties of Naked Cold Pressed Juice chilled in the fridge. Just what my body craves and needs after one hour of physical activity. 

I am really fond of the Lively Carrot ( isn’t it pretty ? ), which is a delicious blend of five juices: carrot, apple, orange (<–my favorite), cucumber and lemon, with a hint of vanilla and turmeric. Each bottle is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Potassium with some of my most favorite things all bottled up and ready exactly when I want one ! Bursting with fresh flavor just like picking my own oranges from the tree.

Cold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed JuiceCold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed Juice

The Naked Cold Pressed Juice is my new best friend, because truth be told you guys: I’m a busy woman and juicing my fruit and vegetables every day in my own cold pressed juicery is just not realistic. 

In the middle of creating and shooting a new recipe for the blog, I just love reaching in for a bottle of extra cold Naked cold pressed juice for the boost my body needs. 

The team from Naked Juice has been working tirelessly to source the highest quality ingredients available, so I feel good reaching for a bottle of my favorite Lively Carrot or Hearty Green.

Cold Pressed Juicery with Naked Cold Pressed Juice

You would love to know that there are no added sugars and no preservatives in the Naked Cold Pressed Juice line, and also that they are verified Non GMO. I am thrilled to see this cold-pressed juice at my local grocery store, as I can grab a nice boost while shopping for my daily produce. Hope you grab some next time you do your grocery shopping.

So tell me: have you tried the Naked Cold Pressed Juice yet ? What is your favorite combination ? I need to know ! ~ Florentina Xo’s 

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