Dove Intensive Repair Review

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Dove Intensive Repair Review

Yay for Friday ! Are we excited for the weekend or what ? 

But first I have a quick surprise review for the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner  ! Because I get asked all the time what hair products I use and what my hair care routine is ! 

Because I have a head full of hair, that is long and heavy even after layering and trimming off a few inches, I wear my hair in a pony tail most days. Especially the long steamy days in the kitchen when I am completely immersed in cooking, and food styling and blogging. Not to mention hiking with my dogs. There is a lot going on ! 

Dove Intensive Repair ReviewDove Intensive Repair Review

As women we place major importance on our hair, the way it feels and bounces as we go about our daily lives. It gives us the confidence we need to take over the world! So I need to take good but gentle care of my hair on a regular basis, using a light product that repairs and isn’t going to strip away everything good from it ! That is where Dove Nutritive Solutions comes in !

Dove Intensive Repair Review

Dove Intensive Repair Review 

  • I’m a sucker for a clean and fresh scent ! That is the first thing that got me about all the Dove products. Nothing beats a scent that makes you feel so fresh and so clean ! 
  • A little bit goes a long way, even for extra long hair like mine. Major brownie points for that !
  • The shampoo leathers so nicely to gently clean the hair while repairing and nourishing the hair surface from within. It actually reconstructs at the cellular level of the hair, preventing split ends and breakage.
  • It is very important to me that there isn’t any excess residue to weigh my already heavy hair down. I love the feather like feel of freshly washed hair.  Dove Intensive Repair helps you get touchable smooth hair that is easy to manage, without excess residue.
  • Last but not least, the much coveted Shine ! Who doesn’t want smooth shiny hair without having to color it ? That would be me, and thanks to Dove this is now possible ! 

Dove Intensive Repair Review

Ready to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions products ? You can grab some at Walmart and join the beauty conversation using the hashtags #BeautyIs and #WMNutritiveSolutions

To me Beauty Is: Confidence and Kindness, Love and Truth, Simplicity, and the Perfection of Imperfection !  Tell me: What is Beauty to you ? 

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