Dyson Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan Review

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Can I tell you how excited I am about our new Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan ?! Doing the Happy Dance!

Thank you Dyson for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own! 

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan

I took my time in testing this baby, as I really wanted to take the heater for a spin as well. Lucky us, we got a cold, damp and windy week here in California and so, the perfect opportunity for my Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Fan (<–affiliate link) test drive!

Let’s start with the hot California days and that kitchen heat.

Cooling Mode:

Dear Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Fan, (<–affiliate link), you have become my best friend and sous chef, and I can finally handle the heat and not need to get out of the kitchen. Your sleek bladeless design is so sexy, but what really got my heart is your cool strength and purification system you hide on the inside. Wowza! 

Heating Mode:

The ideal mate for those of us in California who really don’t like to crank up the heater. Weather I work at my desk on a chilly day, or try to warm up the bedroom on a cold night, the Dyson heater was all we needed to comfortably warm up and sleep through the night. Once the desired room temperature has been reached the machine will stop heating the air. If the temperature drops, the machine will start to heat it again. How fabulous is that ?

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan

Auto Mode:

I love this setting as the Dyson adjusts the airflow according to the air quality in the room. The sensors are so intelligent that they actually even adjust the speed according to the air quality in the room. The machine is both heating and purifying the air while in auto mode.

Night mode:

Dyson Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan runs very quietly while night mode is enabled and the sleep timer will turn off the machine, so you can sleep like a baby.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan
Dyson Pure Link Hot + Cool Bladeless Fan

My Favorite Things About the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan:

  • Bladeless, as in there are no blades! Tada!
  • Energy Efficient, you can’t beat low running costs!
  • Dyson has an iPhone app, so we can be connected all the time!
  • It also comes with a sleek remote with a magnet that you can just set on top of the fan, so no more losing remotes.
  • Fabulous “oscillation mode” that gives the illusion of a nice cool ocean breeze. I love this! 
  • I got to nickname him: Pacino! For realssss!
  • Also I can make a schedule for Pacino to do as he is told, and the time he is told! Magic!
  • Easy to clean! No detergents or polishes allowed, just a clean damp cloth.
  • Your display will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced, also the Dyson app keeps you up to date with the exact amount of hours your filter has left.
  • Even after extended use the exterior of the Dyson heater fan was not hot to the touch, just slightly warm.

Buy Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Fan HERE from AMAZON! (<–affiliate links)

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  1. I really want one of these Dyson bladeless fans! I’ve been tried to hint this to my OH, maybe he will get me one for Christmas who knows! 🙂