Pasta e Ceci

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Pasta e Ceci recipe, a classic hearty 1-Pot Italian dish of pasta with chickpeas cooked together with aromatics in a white broth. This easy zuppa recipe has Sicilian roots with countless regional variations


Dry chickpeas Fregula pasta Yellow onion Garlic Fennel seeds Red chili flakes Tomatoes Rosemary Baby kale Nutritional yeast

You start with sautéing onion, garlic and fresh tomatoes in a drizzle of olive oil and infuse lots of flavor with fresh rosemary, and in my own rendition: some fragrant fennel seeds.

Then toss in soaked chickpeas and water that simmer away in a white broth until tender.

Add the fregula pasta (or whatever pasta shape you are using) to the simmering soup and stir well. Boil until al dente following the package directions and making sure to stir often to prevent sticking.

Add the baby kale, parsley or whatever greens you are using and cook another minute or so until wilted.

Pasta e Ceci


6 people




7 hrs 25 min



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