Sicily Travel-7 Things To Do In Taormina Italy

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A collection of photos and videos from our Sicily Travel adventure + 7 things to do in Taormina the jewel of the Mediterranean !

Goethe was right: ” to have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything “

Sicily Travel-7 Things to Do in Taormina

When we decided on going to Sicily this summer we really wanted to get away from it all. We were not after the fanciest hotels and resorts as after a while they all look pretty much the same. So much so that it doesn’t really make much difference if we go to Sicily or Miami.

We were after some adventure, we wanted to do Sicily the way Italians and Sicilians do Sicily. So we ventured across the mystery surrounded island, from Palermo to Catania, Messina and Taormina, to the top of a mountain where the wind and warm sea breeze would embrace us with its silence. The Sicilian silence you have to hear and feel in your soul … The beauty, the love, the pain, the sorrow, the perfection of imperfection, the peace, you can feel it all with one deep slow breath …

The first night We rested our heads in a charming little hotel in the center of Palermo, Hotel Ambasciatori ! Old wooden elevators, simple furniture, tall ceilings, spacious rooms, and a spectacular terrace view with a whiff of old Sicily all around it, the perfect setting for two lovebirds looking for shelter from the mid August pouring rains.

A walk to the Champagnerie for a late night pizza and drinks in front of the Teatro Massimo is the perfect way to intertwine your stay with the fabric of the Palermitane(I) lives.

Sicily Travel-7 Things to Do in TaorminaSicily Travel-7 Things to Do in Taormina

The next morning we were on a bus to Messina and a short train ride to Taormina. We took a cab up the mountain to Hotel Bel Soggiorno, an old Italian villa standing there since 1908. Gorgeous wrought iron veranda , our own terrace with breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and Mount Etna. Just what my soul was searching for.

Drying my hair and my clothes in the fresh morning sea breeze and enjoying endless meals of Sicilian tomatoes and freshly picked basil from outside our bedroom door, just a couple of lines off of my bucket list of things to do in Taormina !

Sicily Travel-7 Things to Do in TaorminaSicily Travel-7 Things to Do in TaorminaSicily Travel-7 Things to Do in Taormina

Sicily Travel-7 Things to Do in Taormina Italy

Here is my Sicily Travel list – have done them all!

7 Things to Do in Taormina Sicily

1. Eat Sicilian Cannoli, only the best will do at Roberto’s. Stuffed in front of your eyes with real fresh ricotta. While you are at it grab some real nougat to go.

Pasticceria Roberto: Via Calapitrulli, 9, Taormina Sicily, Italy

2. Have dinner at al Giardino Ristorante, a family run restaurant with simple but delicious Sicilian cuisine. Must ask for the ricotta fritters !
Via Bagnoli Croce, 84, Taormina Sicily, Italy

Sicily Travel-7 Things To Do In Taormina

3. Have Pizza at Santa Lucia Trattoria -Pizzeria on Via Cappuccini , 8 Taormina Sicily. A simple Sicilian pizza parlor where the locals go. Hidden on a side street away from your topical tourist trap this tiny restaurant is a hidden gem. Don’t expect anything fancy but at least a 30 minute wait, because this pizza is the real deal, the best pizza you’ll ever have in your life. This is the real deal kids !

Sicily Travel -7 Things to do in Taormina

4. Go to the Opera at the Teatro Antico Di Taormina. The ancient theater of Taormina from the Greek period, under the stars by the sea, an unmatched experience in an absolute picturesque location.

Sicily Travel- 7 Things to do in Taormina

5.Visit Castel Mola, rarely visited by non-Sicilians, this is a fascinating place with breathtaking views and so much history.

Sicily Travel- 7 Things to do in TaorminaSicily Travel- 7 Things to do in TaorminaSicily Travel- 7 Things to do in Taormina

6.Get your Italian custom handmade sandals by Luigi at Bottega Del Sandalo on Via Bagnoli Croce, 30 – Taormina. This one is for the ladies along with strolling up and down Corso Umberto, the Main Street in Taormina filled with shops and terraces.

7.Take the gondola from Taormina down to Massaro beach and Isola Bella ! A Thrilling ride especially if you’ve never taken the gondola before and enjoy pure beauty all around you! Time for IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE 🙂

Sicily Travel- 7 Things to do in TaorminaSicily Travel- 7 Things to do in Taormina

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip! Sicily is on our list TOO and hopefully will get there soon. Loving your photos 🙂 They just take me there on the streets, having my private tour 🙂

  2. Sicily is within our list of Top 10 places to visit in world. Your pictures just made me crave a Sicilian vacation right now. So much fun with all the great food, scenic places and shopping – what more a girl can ask for 😉 You seriously look like a Model esp in the pic with vespa -Hugs!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Italy… I haven’t been there yet but it is definitely on my list of places to go. Your images are beautiful!

  4. Hi, Florentina! First of all, you look so beautiful in all your pictures! I love that white dress! Second, I am sooo jealous of your Italian journeys. I agree that the best way to see Italy (or any place for that matter ) is to do it the way the locals would. You get so much more out of it that way.

    1. awww thank you Sarah, I’m blushing 😉 I love that white dress too, mostly b/c it is so comfortable and summery and easy to pack. And then b/c I got a killer deal online last year, like 80% off. Hehe, it’s how i do ! Locals are your best friend when you travel anywhere, or you will find yourself in a tourist trap at every corner, experiencing nothing but a commercialized version of that place.

  5. Si si Florentina! Taormina has been in our travel plans for long time and few years ago it was so close to happend-:) Anyway we will def do our dream come true very soon my friend:)

    1. Great question!! I had to contain myself and keep the post to a digestable length (I hope that makes sense ). But you are right, 7 is just a number, I could have done a Top 100 List here for sure haha !

  6. Florentina I am SO jealous! You travel exactly as My husband and I have in Mexico. We would love to go to Italy and maybe will someday. In the meantime I will enjoy your travels through your videos and pictures. I LOVE the hotels you stayed in. Such charm and cultural perspective in the old ones. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  7. I went to Italy right after high school and I feel like I didn’t fully appreciate how amazing it is. I’m dying to go back and now I really want to go to Sicily!

  8. Oh my gosh – The FOOD and the lovely scenery! I hope that I can make it to Sicily someday. It’s where my family is from and it is just so pretty!

  9. You look like a LOCAL!!! I think my fave is you on the moped. I mean, I think you could have done more of a PlayBoy poise on it…

    I’m so jealous! Reading this and seeing the photos….I WANT TO GO!! N x

    1. OMG Nagi you crack me up bahahaha ! Yes I got that LOCAL thing everywhere, say one word in the sicilian dialect and you won’t hear another word of English ever again. Oh my, I hope you figure out a way to go, not that Rome and Milan and Tuscany aren’t great, but they are nothing like Sicily. You gotta be there and feel the magic, I know YOU WOULD LOVE IT ! Just let me know so i can send you all the info and contacts you need 😉

    1. oh Christine, that theater gave me goosies. A chill and a feeling so Divine I could never even attempt to describe into words. I hope you get to go there 🙂