Easy Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

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21 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes: a collection of our favorite and best vegetarian dishes from our Thanksgiving dinner menu. Most of them can be made ahead, are actually vegan and the rest are easily adaptable to be. 
From main to side dishes, drinks and desserts, I hope you’ll find something you love here to add to your holiday recipe box. Perfect size recipes, even If you are just cooking for two you can have enough for a round of leftovers but not too much where it will go to waste.
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Farro Panzanella - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
  1.  Farro Panzanella: A favorite main course at the shack with all the makings of comfort food: roasted butternut squash, farro, bread, beans and a basil pesto sauce. Like having your stuffing for the main course!
Shepherd's Pie - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
2. Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie from the VeggieSociety : Chanterelle mushrooms, bell peppers and chickpeas topped with a creamy layer of mashed potatoes and more mushrooms. Can be made ahead and warmed up in the oven before your guests arrive.
Sweet Potato Mash - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
3. Sweet Potato Mash: To die for roasted sweet potatoes coated in savory smoky flavors them mashed together with fresh herbs.
Gnocchi Mac and Cheese - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
4. Gnocchi Mac and Cheese: an Italian spin of the American classic side dish, topped with crispy brown panko crumbs.
WalNut Rolls - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
5. European Nut Rolls: Fluffy dough filled with sugary ground walnuts, can be made ahead and served for breakfast or dessert.
Leek Potato Gratin - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
6. Leek Potato Gratin: Cheesy layer of thin sliced potatoes and leeks baked to a golden brown perfection. Can also be prepared ahead and finished baking the day of, just before serving. 
Hasselback Potatoes - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
7. Easy Hasselback Potatoes from the VeggieSociety : because they are adorable, easy to make and hello Potatoes that are crispy at the edges and you can load up with your favorite sauce and goodies.
Balsamic Cranberry Sauce - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
8. Vegan Balsamic Cranberry Sauce from the VeggieSociety : another Italian spin on an American classic, I beg to argue this is the better option 😉

Best Pumpkin Bread - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

9. The Best Pumpkin Bread: Fluffy pumpkin bread covered in drizzles of caramel, chocolate and coconut, like a Samoa cookie in bread form this dessert screams Thanksgiving and is not to be missed.

Autumn Salad - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

10. Autumn Salad: Roasted fall vegetables on a bed of citrusy heirloom black rice, absolutely to die for.
Sweet Potato Rounds - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
11. Sweet Potato Appetizers with Cranberry and Goat Cheese: one of the most popular recipes on CiaoFlorentina – we call these the ultimate Thanksgiving appetizers and veganize them with vegan cheese. 
Lemon Olive Oil Cake - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
12. Italian Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Berries, Mascarpone and Lemon Curd: for when you really want to show off your dessert game. Probably the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten, no wonder it went viral all over Pinterest since the day I made it.
Crispy Sage Potatoes - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
13. Chanterelle Mushrooms & Crispy Sage Potatoes: If you love potatoes and caramelized onions and lots of crispy sage. If you dress this one up just right It can even be a main dish.
Cranberry Bread - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
14. Ricotta Cranberry Bread: the Best you’ll ever try, fluffy ricotta dough filled with tons of cranberries and finished with a crispy streusel topping. Forget all others because this is the One!
Ricotta Mashed Potatoes - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
15. Ricotta Mashed Potatoes – a winner every holiday season!
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
16. Roasted Rosemary Potatoes from the VeggieSociety : soft on the inside with crispy edges and tiny bits of crispy rosemary infused with the ultimate garlic flavor! 
Strawberry Orange Sangria - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
17. Strawberry Orange Sangria: a refreshing fruity cocktail that is sure to please ladies and gentlemen alike.
Roasted Heirloom Carrots - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
18. Roasted Heirloom Carrots: the best way to enjoy carrots all the time, easy and relatively quick, feel free to serve them alongside your favorite sauces like: pesto, chimichurri, hummus or harissa.
Mushroom Brown Rice - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
19. Vegan Mushroom Brow Rice: hearty and filling sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, this dish is definitely worth being a centerpiece. 
Spinach Rice - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
20. Spinach Brown Rice: whole grain brown rice is dressed in an exotic green sauce made of spinach, kale, scallions and mango. 
Roasted Broccoli - Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
21. Easy Oven Roasted Broccoli: a simple delicious way to have a super nutritious side dish on your Thanksgiving table. 

Go Vegan 🙂

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  1. I am so happy I found your site! All these dishes look so yummy! You found a new friend in me! I will let you know as I eat through your site.